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What do you want from archery?

To be the best?

Of course you do. Whether you aspire to be the World number 1 or the best in your club; we know this requires hard work, a lot of practice….and the right equipment. That's where Reign Bowstrings come in.

Reign Bowstrings was created with one simple vision: to manufacture the best strings in the industry to help you achieve your goals. Using only the finest materials available and innovative construction methods, we provide you with not only a great looking string but one that demonstrates consistent performance, time after time and the efficiency to help you get to the top of your game.

All strings are tensioned to 300lb until all stretch has been removed. They are then twisted under 200lb of tension to ¾ twist per inch of string and checked from 0 – 300lb and back again to ensure no peep rotation. Only then is the 0.014” Halo serving (the most durable in the industry) applied under a digitally measured jig tension whilst the string is under 300lb of tension. The centre serving is applied under the correct tension to give a perfect fit for your chosen nocks.